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As you may or may not know, the Founders of our great country used these commandments along with a multitude of other biblical principles to start and build the nation that we live in. Sadly though, a large number of the population does not study the bible, nor do they even know these basic Ten Commandments.

In recent years, the Supreme Court has unlawfully ordered that the Ten Commandments be removed from the public schools (the children) and also the public square. Unfortunately, that means that unless a person goes to church regularly or studies their bible, then they will most likely never see or read the Ten Commandments. These Commandments are God's basic, moral laws, which are to be sown into every heart. Living by these laws solves just about every problem facing the world.

It's hard to imagine, but yes there are thousands of people in our nation that have never even read God's basic moral laws. With that said, are we really surprised to see the immoral actions that take place every day in our society? If we are to ever see a Godly change in our country and the world we live in, we're going to have to do our duty and publicly spread the gospel throughout our lands.

Prayer is key and it also takes us doing our part in the place that we are planted because faith without works is dead. We are the church, the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. If God be for us then who dare be against us? No longer must we remain in our church without being Godly representatives in our communities. No longer must we remain on the sidelines and be irrelevant to the society. We must engage our society with the pure and undiluted gospel of the bible.

I would personally love to see God's Ten Commandments on the walls of every business, household, and government building from coast to coast in hopes that more lives are influenced and changed, that the seed of those words are planted on every heart.

Some say that the Ten Commandments are no longer relevant or that we are no longer under the Old Testament Ten Commandments. Consider this though, as Christians, not only do the Commandments still apply, but Jesus Himself actually added to the commandments. For example, He commanded us to love one another. He also placed a more serious meaning to some of the commandments such as Commandment number six, do not commit the physical act of murder, whereas Jesus says if you even have hate in your heart toward another individual then you are guilty of murder. Or take Commandment number seven, don't commit the physical act of adultery but Jesus said if you even look at another with lust, then you have committed adultery already in your heart.

We will continue to make the Ten Commandment signs and sow them into our society and we trust that God will change the hearts in our nation. We also acknowledge that no one can keep all of these Commandments all of the time, but they are instructions for us to live our life by and when we may sometimes fail then we must repent to the Lord and rejoice that we have a Savior, and that is Jesus Christ. Sincerely, Jim H.
Why the Ten Commandments?